A Tradition of Excellence


Gary Jobe


A third generation builder, Gary Jobe took up the trade of his father and grandfather in 1972, developing a trademark style that has earned him numerous awards, including the prestigious Grand Award in the 1994 North Carolina Builders' Award of Excellence. He is also a past president of the Greater Greensboro Builders' Association.




Creating A Reputation With Every Home, Every Community


His custom homes and signature neighborhoods reflect his taste and attention to detail, increasing the value of each home he builds. While most builders offer "packages," he realizes getting what you want is precisely why you're building in the first place. The sculpted crown molding or classic dormers. The recessed bookcases or foyer archway. Details from the flow of your kitchen to the storage in your closet can be added, tweaked, and polished until they're just the way you want them.





Experienced Associates Driven By Perfection


Equally meticulous are hand-picked subcontractors leaving their mark in every well-hung door. Every seamless joint. Every hardwood floor. Painstaking assurance that the home you build just might be the most secure investment you'll ever make.

Affirming his reputation as one of Greensboro's finest builders are repeat customers who insist Gary Jobe build their next home.